EFT Tampa Bay

Assisting Katherine will be volunteer

Lori Georgiou

​​EFT Tampa Bay Shame Training Volunteer Information Page

See who's volunteering

Assisting Richard will be volunteer

Jeff George

Welcome/Greeting and Space Set Up/Clean 

Team Leader - Lisa Baker

Also helping Robin and Jeanne will be volunteer 

Valerie Seigman

Assisting Jeff will be volunteers

Susanne McKelvey
Allison Zangari
 Morgan Lang  

Liaison to Rebecca Jorgensen - Accomodations, Transportation, Material Distribution, etc.

Team Leader - Katherine McKay

Assisting Robin will be volunteer

Jeanne Peterson


Team Leader - Richard Tifft

Assisting Lisa will be volunteers

Lori Georgiou

​Damon Dye

​Ryan Henry

Front Desk/Check In

Team Leader - Robin Campbell

Lunch/Snacks Coordination/Set Up/Clean Up

Team Leader - Jeff George

Welcome to the 2019 EFT Tampa Bay Shame training with Rebecca Jorgensen volunteer information page, here you will find the volunteer information you need about the upcoming training.

HELP +1.7272231625